Imperial Cat proudly supports cat shelters & rescues through the following programs:

Imperial Cat proudly supports cat shelters & rescues through the following programs:

Coupons for Free Scratch Pads – the purr-furred alternative to declawing!

Imperial Cat provides coupons for inclusion in cat adoption packets that the adoptee may redeem for a scratching pad from our parent company,, for $4.95 and that includes S&H (a savings of $10.50 off the standard product and shipping costs). These certificates are printed and mailed to you at no cost and can be reordered as needed, the program is ongoing. To order these, email with the quantity needed and your USPS mailing address, or call 501-354-8466 (weekdays, 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. CST). They may also be ordered online at: (username: wholesale password: catlover).

Adopt-a-Cat Scratch ‘n Bits – Affordable Scratchers for Cages, Cat Rooms, and Foster Homes!

Scratch ‘n Bits are extremely affordable scratching pads that are the purr-fect size for shelter cages. Scratching allows cats to stretch and tone their muscles & helps alleviate stress — two things caged cats can really benefit from! Plus, providing cats with scratching posts is a great way to train them to scratch in appropriate places – not on expensive furniture!

Scratch ‘n Bits feature cute graphics or “Adopt Me” logos to attract the attention of prospective adopters. Scratch ‘n Bits are extremely low cost, starting at 75 cents per piece. Shapes, sizes and patterns vary based on what we have on hand.

We recommend sending the Scratch ‘n Bit home with the cat when it gets adopted – this will give the cat comfort to have something that “belongs” to them in their new home and will also help prevent the cat from scratching on their new owner’s furniture until they are able to purchase a full size scratcher.

For shelters with larger cat rooms (or foster families), we also have great discounts available on what we call “Grade B” Scratch ‘n Shapes which don’t quite make the cut for retail, but are still 100% scratchable! These are sold at 50% off wholesale! Please contact me if you would like to order Scratch ‘n Bits for your shelter.

You may also link to on your website, in your newsletters or on Facebook/Twitter to encourage your supporters to donate Scratch ‘n Bits to you. We will ship direct to your shelter (so be sure to post your mailing address along with the link), and each shipment will include a letter acknowledging the person who placed the order and the value of their donation.

Year Round Savings –10% Discount Off Wholesale

Save 10% off wholesale price on the wide selection of cat products we manufacture and distribute including: litter accessories, toys, treats, cleaning products and more! To be eligible for the discount, your organization must be established as a 501(c)(3) or show proof that you are in the process of obtaining this status.

We have some adorable toys in counter top display tubs that are an easy way to raise a few extra bucks without taking up a lot of space (as long as you can keep the cats out of them!), and this is also an affordable way to purchase supplies for foster homes. To view our product selection visit, with the username “wholesale” and the password “catlover01”.

Questions? Contact Us:, or 1-501-354-8466 (direct line)

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