The Story of Gidget

Hold the press for our story of the year Gidget! She’s a 4 month old Dachshund mix with a joyful and social personality and exuberant high energy take on life. Gidget is completely adorable and so sweet she’ll make your teeth hurt just by spending time with her. Her happy greetings and carefree playing will make even the most grumpy grouch smile and feel good. She let’s nothing hold her back not even a severe heart condition that without correction would lead to an early end to her life. Soon after coming to us, we noticed an irregular heartbeat in Gidget and took her into MSU Veterinary Clinic for an evaluation. They found that she has a ring of fibrotic tissue causing a narrowing of her right heart ventricular area that would eventually lead to heart failure if left untreated. Since the world is always in need of more joy and happiness like only Gidget can provide we have decided to have her undergo a balloon valvuloplasty procedure. This involves a catheter being used to insert a balloon into her heart to widen the effected area so normal blood flow can resume. We are told the procedure will provide Gidget with increased stamina and energy level which since she already can’t sit still for 2 seconds should be interesting to see. If you would like to help us give this adorable and happy pup a second chance on life by contributing towards Gidget’s procedure please contact Friends of Michigan Animals Rescue at 734 461-9458.

Gidget 3 6-7-14

Gidget 6-7-14

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