Sassy Shay!

Sassy Shay is looking for a fur-ever home that will love and accept her unique and feisty personality. She’s a friendly kitten that really does enjoy getting pets, giving snuggles, hair nibbles and affection but on her terms when the mood is right. If the mood isn’t right you’ll likely get some sass from her Read more about Sassy Shay![…]

Pint Sized Pee Wee

UPDATE: Pee Wee got adopted! PEE WEE might be pint sized but he will have no problem filling up a much bigger part of your life. He’s a 2 ½ year old Chihuahua mix with a friendly, lovable and energetic personality. His spunky energy is contagious and he’s happy to persuade you with it to Read more about Pint Sized Pee Wee[…]

Coral the Calm

UPDATE: Coral is loving life in a new home! Meet Coral, she is a beautiful 4 year old tortoise shell who is quiet and loving. She is a little shy here at the shelter and doesn’t do a lot of mingling but in her own home she will make a great best friend to keep Read more about Coral the Calm[…]

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