July 26, 2015

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

FMAR is growing and our need for leadership is crucial. We are blessed to have great volunteers who are dedicated and passionate about the animals and some that are just as passionate about our growth. With growth comes the need for expansion and renewed communication. With our added capacity and expansion comes the need for more resources, both physically and financially. FMAR is pleased to introduce the Board of Directors. Some of the faces you will recognize but there are a couple of new faces that we are thrilled to introduce to you all.

Barb Walton – Secretary

Barb fills the FMAR Secretary position but that is just a small portion of where she fits into the organization. Barb is a very dedicated volunteer at FMAR, working with the cats. She helps with the development of policies and procedures, orientation program, creator of the Cat Haven Handbook, Meet and Greet events and more. With Barb’s dedication and enthusiasm we know she will accomplish all of her goals at FMAR. Before coming to FMAR Barb served as an RN for over 40 years ranging from Intensive Care Nursing, Nursing Continued education, Nursing Orientation, to Home Care Management. She even started her own business NurseNotes, Inc in 1988. We are proud to have Barb represent FMAR Board of Directors as a volunteer, cat team leader, and Secretary of our Board of Director.

Linda Luke – Fundraising Coordinator

Linda is the board member with the most seniority. She has been with FMAR as a volunteer since 2003 and has been a board member since 2004. Before joining the FMAR team she was a dedicated teacher in the Lincoln School District. She is also a professional Story Teller where she has used her talents to raise money for FMAR.  Like all our board members, Linda wears or has worn many hats including secretary, and now Fundraising Coordinator. Linda does a great job of getting our name out to the community. When it comes to our needs Linda takes a proactive approach to letting everyone know when and where our events will take place and how everyone can help our cause. She is the social butterfly of our organization and loved by all. When Linda sets out to do something she is focused and dedicated and does a fantastic job of getting the best results possible for FMAR.

Jessica Hassell – Education & Media Coordinator

One of the things FMAR still needed was someone to organize our youth programs. Jessica is educated in teaching and loves children, so who better to develop programs that will educate and train children on how to be great pet owners and volunteers. Jessica has great social skills and will be a great leader for children and adults alike. Her education includes an Associate degree a in Liberal Arts from Wayne Community College as well as a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Eastern Michigan University. With her great teaching and organizational skills she is helping to bring FMAR to the next level when it comes to creating programs that will train and teach everyone who comes to the shelter to learn more about animal care, including a bit about natural health remedies for animals. Jessica is also great at photography and social media, so she will be working with own web coordinator Orsi to add lots of fun and creative talents to our public sites.

Sandy Seaton – Treasurer

Sandy Seaton came to FMAR in January of 2007 where she has shown passion, leadership, and dedication with each and every task she has taken on. In addition to volunteering with both the cats and dogs, Sandy has welcomed hundreds of volunteers to FMAR as a volunteer coordinator. Sandy’s passion alone would have earned her a place on the FMAR board, however Sandy brings much more to FMAR. She has proven she has great leadership, determination, and people skills, making her a unanimous choice to take over the position of Treasurer where she will work closely with our bookkeeper to ensure all of our finances are up to date and on track.

Margaret Mayol – Volunteer Coordinator

Margaret joined the FMAR board of directors in February 2019 as the new Volunteer Coordinator, but she is not new to FMAR.  She has been a dedicated cat and dog volunteer for 10 years.  She was a full time school teacher when she came to FMAR.  Margaret started out as a cat volunteer, however after she retired from teaching she teamed up with a group of the FMAR dog walkers and her passion flourished.  Margaret is very organized and has helped our shelter manager with many projects and tasks, including getting our volunteer communication website up and running and working with Barb in creating the Dog Shelter Hand book. Recently she has taken on most of the orientations for new dog volunteers.  Margaret and her team of dog walkers are dedicated to helping families who have adopted a dog feel comfortable with the transition.  They have done many home visits and phone calls giving tips and suggestions to create a better and more relaxed environment for both the dog and the new adopting family.  Margaret has shown time and again that she is dedicated to the success of FMAR.


Pete and Marcy LaFramboise – President and Vice President

Pete and Marcy are the founders of FMAR. With the help of a group of very dedicated volunteers they have managed to keep the shelter moving forward by forming lifelong relationships with others who have a passion for helping animals. Pete retired from GM after 30 years of dedication.  He became a volunteer at the Humane Society of Huron Valley and then worked with the animal control officer of Van Buren Township.  He learned the true meaning of “rescue” when he was invited to go on large rescue runs with both the Huron Valley team and Van Buren Township Animal Control.  It was during this time that he decided he wanted to do more.

Marcy’s last full time working position was for Ford Components Sales (a subsidiary of Ford Motor Company) as a Customer Service Manager. She watched Pete’s passion and satisfaction from helping dogs that were in desperate situations grow.  She worked with Pete on the weekends at the Humane Society of Huron Valley for several years and soon found her passion in the clinic where she helped the vet as a volunteer tech. They both learned about the importance of pet wellness and spay/neuter, and the heartbreak of high euthanasia rates of happy, healthy, friendly pets in our shelters.  Their passion became a mission to start their own shelter where they could help these pets find new homes and reduce the euthanasia rates in our shelters and humane societies.

They earned their titles of President and Vice President in April of 2003 as the sole founders, owners and operators of FMAR. The success of FMAR is due in part to their ability to recognize and utilize the talents of FMAR volunteers. They believe the past and present board of directors, as well as our dedicated volunteers, are proof that FMAR is moving in the right direction with a great team leading it. Keep watching, the best is yet to come.