July 26, 2015

Board of Directors


FMAR is growing and our need for leadership is crucial. We are blessed to have great volunteers who are dedicated and passionate about the animals and some that are just as passionate about our growth. With growth comes the need for expansion and renewed communication. With our added capacity and expansion comes the need for more resources, both physically and financially. FMAR is pleased to introduce the Board of Directors.

Linda Luke – Fundraising Coordinator

Linda has been with FMAR as a volunteer since 2003 and has been a board member since 2004. Like all our board members, Linda wears or has worn many hats including secretary, and now Fundraising Coordinator. Linda does a great job of getting our name out to the community. When it comes to our needs Linda takes a proactive approach to letting everyone know when and where our events will take place and how everyone can help our cause. She is the social butterfly of our organization. When Linda sets out to do something she is focused and dedicated and does a fantastic job of getting the best results possible for FMAR.

Jessica Hassell – Education & Media Coordinator

One of the things FMAR needed was someone to organize our youth programs. Jessica has a BS in Elementary Education from EMU and loves teaching children, so who better to develop programs that will educate and train children how to be great pet owners and volunteers.  She has been able to bring FMAR to the next level when it comes to creating programs to train and teach everyone who comes to the shelter to learn more about animal care, including a bit about natural health remedies for animals. Jessica is also great at photography and social media. She takes the photos of all of our animals for the adoption websites and creates wonderful videos that highlight their personalities. She also runs our Facebook page, keeping our followers updated on all the latest FMAR happenings. In addition, Jessica volunteers in the Cat Haven and can be counted on to help out with our smaller dogs when the need arises.

Sandy Seaton – Volunteer Coordinator

Sandy Seaton came to FMAR in January of 2007 where she has shown passion, leadership, and dedication with each and every task she has taken on.  Her passion alone would have earned her a place on the FMAR board, however Sandy brings much more to FMAR. She has proven she has great leadership, organization, and people skills, as the Volunteer Coordinator for new and current volunteers, and as the chairperson of the Raffle Basket Committee for our annual Cinco de Mayo fundraiser, the largest fundraiser of the year for FMAR due to the raffle baskets.

Barb Walton – Director

Barb joined the board in May 2018. She has proven herself to be a dedicated volunteer, helping to train new volunteers in the Cat Haven and organizing monthly meet & greet events at Pet Value in Milan.


Pete and Marcy LaFramboise – President and Vice President

Pete and Marcy co-founded Friends of Michigan Animals Rescue in April 2003 from the living room of their home.  After years of playing the roles of an entire staff,  they now run the three-building shelter with the help of over 100 volunteers and a few staff members. The success of FMAR is a testament to their dedication, extreme hard work, community relationships, and ability to attract other good people to their cause.

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