Melvin the Fine Feline!

Melvin is one fine feline! He’s a young kitty with a calm, cool and friendly personality. He showed up this summer as a barn cat and hung around outside for awhile until he recently decided to come inside. Melvin has transitioned to indoor life very smoothly and without a fuss. He was very polite when introducing himself to the other cats and really seems to enjoy being with them. He showed us he likes things to stay calm by handling one of the bullies here by doling out a leave me alone swat and then walking away cool as a cucumber when asked to fight. Melvin is just as nice and accepting of the people he meets and instantly claims all he meets as a friend. His short coat is mostly white with some orange markings interlaced throughout and irresistibly soft for petting. Give us a ring to meet Melvin and bring your self home a very fine, friendly feline. He’s neutered, vaccinated to date, tested neg. for FeLuk/FIV and micro-chipped. Call Friends of Michigan Animals Rescue at 734 461-9458 or visit our website for more information.

Melvin 2 10-16 Melvin 3 10-16

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