July 26, 2015

Board of Directors

FMAR is growing and our need for leadership is crucial. We are blessed to have great volunteers who are dedicated and passionate about the animals and some that are just as passionate about our growth. With growth comes the need for expansion and renewed communication. With our added capacity and expansion comes the need for more resources, both physically and financially. FMAR is pleased to introduce the Board of Directors. Some of the faces you will recognize but there are a couple of new faces that we are thrilled to introduce to you all.

Bob Smith – Shelter Liaison

Bob joined FMAR as a volunteer. His primary interest was working directly with the animals, doing everything from cleaning to walking to training the dogs. He even jumps in and helps out with the cat areas whenever needed. Although Bob’s primary interest is still working directly with the animals, he has been involved in virtually every part of FMAR. He has proven time and again that he has a passion for and a commitment to FMAR, making him a great voice for the needs of the animals and the volunteers. Bob realizes that there is more to being a part of FMAR than just cleaning up after the animals and has participated in almost every fundraiser we have had since he started with us. We can count on him to be there when we need him. Bob says: “I recognize with an organization like ours, those people with the time and the commitment need to wear more than one hat to make the entity a success. I consider myself to have both the time (even while working full-time) and the desire. In the end, it’s all for the animals.” We are so proud and pleased to have Bob as a volunteer and FMAR Board of Directors Shelter Liaison.

Cathy Boatin – Secretary

Cathy is doing a great job filling the FMAR Secretary position but that is just a small portion of where she fits into the organization. Like Bob, Cathy is a very dedicated volunteer at FMAR, working with both the dogs and cats. Cathy also takes great pictures and videos of the animals as they play and interact with each other. She is contributing to the maintenance of our on-line adoption profiles, particularly working to make sure that the photos we offer the public presents our animals as attractively as possible. Cathy says, “My time at the shelter, working with the volunteers, and especially interacting with the animals has been one of the most positive experiences I’ve been involved with and am thankful that such a place exists. I hope that any time, energy, or ideas that I can contribute helps to make FMAR bigger and better.” With Cathy’s dedication and enthusiasm we know she will accomplish all of her goals. We are proud to have Cathy represent FMAR Board of Directors as a volunteer and Secretary of our Board of Director.

Linda Luke – Fundraising Coordinator

Linda is the board member with the most seniority. She has been with FMAR as a volunteer since 2003 and has been a board member since 2004. Like all our board members, Linda wears or has worn many hats including secretary, and now Fundraising Coordinator. Linda does a great job of getting our name out to the community. When it comes to our needs Linda takes a proactive approach to letting everyone know when and where our events will take place and how everyone can help our cause. She is the social butterfly of our organization and loved by all. When Linda sets out to do something she is focused and dedicated and does a fantastic job of getting the best results possible for FMAR.

Lori Bowerman – Treasurer

Lori began volunteering as a bookkeeper for Friends of Michigan Animals Rescue in March of 2014.  She has been an accountant for over ten years and is a licensed CPA.  She and her family have been residents of Belleville since 2001 and they attend Trinity Episcopal Church.  Her daughter is a student and athlete at Belleville High School. In addition to working on the financials, Lori enjoys walking the dogs at the dog retreat with her husband Mike and daughter Kennedy, and visiting the cat haven to give the cats some love and attention.

We are all pleased and excited with Lori’s decision to join our team and we welcome Lori to her new role and responsibilities. Lori has a love of animals and has adopted a few felines from FMAR.

Jessica Hassell – Education & Media Coordinator

One of the things FMAR still needed was someone to organize our youth programs. Jessica is a teacher and loves children so who better to develop programs that will educate and train children how to be great pet owners and volunteers. Jessica has great social skills and will be a great leader for children and adults alike. Her education includes an Associate degree a in Liberal Arts from Wayne Community College as well as a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Eastern Michigan University. With her great teaching and organizational skills she will be able to bring FMAR to the next level when it comes to creating programs that will train and teach everyone who comes to the shelter to learn more about animal care, including a bit about natural health remedies for animals. Jessica is also great at photography and social media, so she will be working with Orsi to add lots of fun and creative talents to our public sites.

Sandy Seaton – Volunteer Coordinator

Sandy Seaton came to FMAR in January of 2007 where she has shown passion, leadership, and dedication with each and every task she has taken on. In addition to volunteering with her mother Barb, Sandy gathers up and delivers our recycling where it is weighed and generates cash for FMAR. She has also taken on the responsibility of making sure our deposits make it to the bank on a regular schedule. Her passion alone would have earned her a place on the FMAR board, however Sandy brings much more to FMAR. She has proven she has great leadership, determination, and people skills, making her a unanimous choice to take over the position of Volunteer Coordinator.

Pete and Marcy LaFramboise – President and Vice President

Pete runs the shelter by day with the help of a group of very dedicated volunteers. Marcy joins the group in the evening after her daytime job is through. They earned their titles in April of 2003 as the founders, owners and operators of FMAR. The success of FMAR is due in part to their ability to recognize & utilize the talents of FMAR personnel. They believe the past and present board of directors, as well as our dedicated volunteers, are proof that FMAR is moving in the right direction with the best team leading it. There are still a few more leaders on our team that we would love to see on our board of directors so keep watching, the best is yet to come.