July 12, 2015

About FMAR


FMAR’s Mission:

Our mission is to protect animals and residents by promoting a safe and healthy environment for all.

FMAR’s History:

FMAR is a non-profit 501(c) 3 rescue for dogs and cats that started in April 2003 with the help of great volunteers and supporters. We grew faster than anyone anticipated, creating a necessity to find more space. Pete and Marcy, founders of FMAR, moved from their dream home and bought a 6-1/2 acre farm with a run-down house and two great barns. They renovated the smaller of the 2 barns with 9 dog kennels and 5 unique cat kennels.

In 2005 they realized the need for more room to accommodate the ever growing cat population.  FMAR raised the money to add onto the smaller barn and create an inside community cat area where our adult cats would enjoy a free roaming environment.

In 2008 MM Augusta, LLC donated a beautiful barn to FMAR that would have otherwise been demolished.  The only catch was FMAR would have to move it to the shelter.  Gasper Recycling was just down the road from FMAR and were awarded the contract to tear down the other structures on that same site so they offered their services to move the barn for FREE.  It took a lot of team work and planning but in just over a year we had the barn in place and ready to secure to the ground on the property.

2009 we moved forward with the same goal and dream to add another addition to the current shelter so our volunteers and visitors would have a real bathroom and office.  FMAR continued to find fundraising opportunities and with our volunteers and supporters we had raised enough funds and found enough experienced people, including the support and determination of C.A.L plumbing and heating, to add a bathroom and storage area to the smaller barn.  It was an exciting time and a huge step up from our rented portable bathroom with no heat in the winter. We added onto the entire length of the shelter and were enjoying a bathroom, laundry, office, and a much needed storage area.

2009 was coming to an end but the excitement and determination of our group remained high and our goals focused.  It was time to focus back on the donated barn, and begin to turn it into a Cat Haven.  The heavens were on our side with an anonymous donor in hand and a capital campaign underway we were able to get the barn secured to the ground, the frame up, sand brought in, rough plumbing installed, walls ready for new drywall and the cement poured.

In 2011 FMAR’s determination paid off and the Cat Haven was completed giving our felines and canines spaces that are all their own.  We continue to dream and plan, and with a lot of love, faith, hope, determination, teamwork, and support each and every one of our dreams are becoming a reality.

In 2012 it was time to tear down the old cat section of the dog shelter and add 5 new inside/outside kennels.  This would take our dog capacity from 9 to 14 and allow us to help our over-crowded community shelters a little more. With the help of our supporters we were able to put in upgraded kennels with glass paneled doors to give the dogs and visitors more visibility to each other.

With the addition to the existing shelter finished and our cats and dogs settled in and comfortable in their new environments, we started  concentrating on the renovation of the larger 8400 square foot barn.  In 2015 we started our renovation in the east end of the barn.  This area was chosen because it was the area that didn’t require plumbing.  We added a get acquainted area, a dog play area, tool room, a food storage room and an office. This will allow families to bring their pet to a safe, comfortable, temperature controlled area to introduce themselves and their other dog(s) to the dog they think might make a great new addition to their family.  We will also use the area to complete the adoption paperwork.  There is enough space that we can hold meetings and continue exciting programs and opportunities to engage and invite our community to learn more about great pet care and behavior.  

In 2016 and 2017 with the help of the Petco Foundation we began to renovate the next stage of the 8400 square foot barn.  We are in the process of adding 24 dog kennels (tripling our dog space), a restroom, and laundry.  Keep watching, phase 3 will come soon.  

We are amazed and saddened every day by the abundance of homeless pets within and outside of our community.  We have been fortunate enough to start a few very important programs in our community such as feral cat spay/neuter (TNR) where we have spay/neutered and returned over 1500 felines and taken in the kittens that were too small to spay/neuter, socializing them and finding them new loving homes.  We have also had dog training and behaviorists work with our volunteers and board members so we can do a better job of making our dogs loving, adoptable pets. We added a children’s program where schools, scouts, church groups etc. can come out and see what we are all about.  FMAR is an approved Community Service Volunteer Program provider, and we allow families to come in and volunteer together.

The money always seems to run out before the need ends but we continue to do everything in our power to grow so we can continue our programs.  Thank you to everyone who supported and encouraged us to continue when things were tough. Keep watching the best is yet to come!!

FMAR is the reality of a vision created by Pete, Marcy and continued to grow and thrive with the help and determination of all of our dedicated board members and volunteers. A vision we have managed to keep working for 13 years now. I know dreams do come true (or there wouldn’t be an FMAR). I also know that God will continue to get us through each new and exciting level in our mission. In the meantime if you run into someone who needs a great business to support please send them our way with a promise that FMAR will do anything in their legal, God given power to make it all work. If you would like a personal tour of FMAR, please give us a call. You might just stand in the middle of it just like Pete and Marcy did when they first saw the property, and say………”What a wonderful shelter this will be.” Thank you for listening. We hope all of your dreams are filled with “happy tails”. Take care and God Bless.

FMAR Board of Directors, volunteers and supporters united for our mission, to protect animals and humans by